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BBC came to my college yesterday to run 'Blast' workshops for art students where I went to two of these, the first being Production Management. A very interesting character names Ken Mair, whom I was totally captivated by, is a Freelance Manager who has worked on soaps such as Coronation Street and has done all of the Cracker series' to name a few, he even worked on Girls in love which I adored! He taught us the hierarchy of media production which was so cool, he was one of those guys that you could listen to for hours because you just know he has so many stories to tell, it was so nice to meet him.
The second workshop was for Studio Lighting for Photography which was great because thats what i'm exploringa at the moment in photography, got a Bowie shoot in the style of Duffy next week ;) I met an ace Photographer called Scott Kershaw who not only had photographed the likes of Pete Doherty but also the Courteeners *faints*
At the end of the workshops I quickly had to run, yes I ran, up two flights of stairs, to tutorial. I felt really ignorant for not thanking Scott for his time but when I was waiting at the bus stop, when college was over, head down on my bberry, a very nice convertible car stops in the middle of the road and pips. My head pops up, good job I'm nosey ;) and there's two guys looking in my direction, of course I've no idea who they were until the driver waves - then the pea clicks, it was only Scott Kershaw! Woop Woop! I quickly beam a smile and shout 'I HAVE ONE OF YOUR POSTCARDS! (of one of his Doherty shots)' however he had to drive off, damn traffic. Felt pretty cool that day, shame no one was there to see......
Overall the BBC Blast workshops were so much fun, I wish more colleges run them!

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