Crazy Sun Protecters

From my trips to London I have been noticing the whole geek chic look, i.e un prescribed geek glasses, if your lucky with the lens intact. It reminds me a lot of the Emo phase we all went through with the thick rimmed glasses, perhaps its cooler to wear those now, apossed to the trendy (yes I said trendy) geek specs?

I have to admit I do have these rip off pair of Ray Bans from Urban Outfitters and recently bought a pair of all black round sunglasses from ebay just because I dearly love Duckie from Pretty in Pink. I really like my round pair as they're not as common as the Ray Ban/Geek specs trend that is ONLY JUST catching on here in Manchester.
When I visited to Nandos in Chandos ;) (Place) not one, but two people who work there were wearing them. When we returned, yesterday, there they were again! My mother is an avid spectacle sporter so has  survived the first ever, dismal back then, prescribed glasses and then been apart of their improvement over the years. So you an imagine mother was rather confused as to A:  Why such an increase in people wearing glasses? Is there something in the water? & B: If so, why revert back to this particular style of frame? whats the attraction?

Of course I can't offer any suitable explanation but I'm still just as curious. Looking through My Photos on the computer I pulled out a few images of classics sporting similar frames. I was also informed of a certain video on youtube 'The Dickhead song' and I have to say it's one of my favourite videos ever joint with 'The Emo song'! Both I have which posted on my blog as I have some comparisons to make and I apologise in advance if it suddenly turns in to a rant about my youths generation and how I struggle with dressing socially acceptable and still not conforming but conforming with the social trend un conformity. If that made any sense to you whatsoever.. stay tuned.

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