Minnie Mouse

Old new look pixie boots, Vintage faux fur £12.50, vintage red leather bag, Minnie mouse ears and yes that's a Henry the 8th badge from the Tower of London.

I bought a pair of Minnie mouse ears in the summer to wear to Leeds fest in August, but I never got a chance to wear them instead I lived in a £5 Sailor cap I picked up! My friend was having a get together so I decided to go all out and wear them (see my attempted photo on LOOKBOOK) and just having a gander at bryanboy, viola.. he sports a similar pair! yesssss

I do think I have lost them though at my friends, but who can remember. If you don't already have twitter, I advise you to GET IT NOW it's the best thing ever, its perfect for Fashion week is it's like your actually there with the photos/commentaries and even live streaming videos. Follow @Bryanboy - his tweets are hilarious.

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