Christian Louboutin's

When a friend gets a new pair of heels, a very nice pair of heels at that, you're happy for her (or he) but you can't but help want to have that experience for yourself, even if you already have enough heels to last until the new year. When I was employed, I spent my wages all on heels but now I just crave more, and what I really need are flats! It's snowing for heavens sake! I have now decided before I buy any more heels, unless I am forced to, I have to save up and buy these...

Just think how dainty they would look! They remind me of a Manolo for looking so lite but yet so feirce as a Loub. I'm so happy I've found these, it's so strange as I was watching the Devil wears Prada and at the start as the other workers get ready for work in contrast to how Andy gets ready, theres a pair of shoes just like these, paired with a pair of black trousers that I just thought wow, I would never of thought of that together, it looks amazing.

They're £375 from netaporter, I would have to get the 36.5 as they run larger in size and are also 120mm which is 5 inches, perfect! - it's dilemmas like these that make you consider spending the £200 I'm saving

for Glasto next year...

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