Christmas Outfits

Just browsing online looking for pieces I can create outfits with several times for any such meals/parties etc. My style is leaning towards the well cut, organic silky cotton basics such as a Wang or Cos as it's the style I wear most and feel totally comfortable with. Think Phoebe Philo, won best Designer, at the BFA this week, simple if any make up, gorgeous shiny hair and a simply yet amazingly stylish black jumpsuit. Thats my kind of dressing. Rather effortless Parisian elegance style even though it takes years and years to master.

I really like this mens t-shirt @ UO and guess who it is.... the only Max Rogers :)

These are so gorgeous they remind me of the Chloe brand so much, I really want them! But I need to buy 'practical' or in other words flat shoes because I keep only looking and buying heels!!!!!!

It was also either this or this or a complete Jewel tone Velvet, and I still can't decide. I like both. I'm thinking of getting both, but lets be decisive here. I'm thinking the left for more wearability but the right is so exciting and thats my hair colour and style I have most frequent. It's times like this I wish I had readers so I could get opinions! I'm probs going to go with the right, even though I love the top part on the left, argh!

Oh hi me (thats a joke btw)

I 'adore this colour from UO! The dress on the right is from Topshop I really love the cut outs, scary they may look but they would be amazingly flattering on the figure. It's sold out in my size...

Levi's Batwing Logo Tee

Really into logo tees! the baggier the better... of course I would wear it with a simple leg, classic shoe and neat hair to balance the over sizedness. I'm not going down the hobo, clashing prints look again anytime soon!

Docs are something my father has been trying to make me wear since birth. I've always thought they were ugly because I was brought up with the Sex Pistols so I saw that ugly grim face and it scared me... however I now want to invest in a pair, I've always loved Cherry Red! Just like my dad!

I really want a pair of light Levis straight leg rolled up, I'm looking at mens for the cut. I bought a Levis Denim Jacket at a Vintage fair in Manchester for £20, best thing I've ever bought.

This colour:

Renewal Levi's 501® Turn Up Short

Looking for the perfect Sailor tee just like Coco

And authentic brogues that will last.

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