Phoenix - 1901 (Leeds Festival 2010)

By the time Phoenix had come on stage I just remember feeling a cross physical and metal tiredness, homesickness of that I didn't want to leave the festival (this was the last band of the night) and a very large hangover as I'd been drinking since the early hours of the morning, discounting the rest of the weekend!

At the same time they were on, so were Guns and  who of course I really wanted to see! But the girls who I met there, one of them is my cousins girlfriend and we're tent neighbours :D, really wanted to see this band Phoenix so I stayed, not obv going on my own and I couldn't get in contact with my friends who I was sharing a tent with. I was really surprised at how good Phoenix were! Because that last day was such a haze, I've only just remembered the bands name, I took a wild guess, and I really like them. I now understand why one of my friends meets them all the time whenever they do signings!

I did manage to see Guns and Roses also because the girls we're so lovely and knew how much I wanted to see them, however I only got to hear Sweet Child Of Mine back at the tent with my Malibu, Vodka and Pepsi (I don't recommend, especially glugged through a random Scottish lads beer bong - pause for innuendo), freezing cold sat on the grass. I miss Leeds and of course Gennie, Steph and Hannah! x

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