Black Swan

There was lots of hype about this film before it even was in cinemas. I love hype. The hype of this movie really helped the suspension before it. Throughout the film your always on edge wondering 'what next, what next!'

I was warned that it was a very 'psychological' mind play film and I was most likely to leave feeling confused, but it was actually pretty crystal. I won't post any spoilers, but what I will say, is that every movement, word or thing Portman sees are like metaphors to how shes feeling, what shes going though, thinking. In the end it's all about her changing as a person so watch out for that.

The overall Art Direction of the film was beautifully exicuted. At the start, the image is grainy. Some people complained but it just felt like you were at a theater, movie house watching the ballet. I didn't even notice that the image cleared as the film progressed but it's details like this that create depth! You really feel as if you're watching a ballet performance. I will warn you, guys, it IS SCARY. At one point, I squealed.

I'm going seeing it again in case I missed anything. Films like the Black Swan you find no matter how many times you watch them you always discover something new.

For my new graphics piece I really want to incorprate the Black Swan. You leave the cinema feeling inspired. We'll see how this goes, currently I'm obssed with MADChester and the Hacienda, so I don't really see where it will fit? Hmm

(images/gifs found on tumblr!)

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