Marc Jacobs and I

When I was 16 years old and trying to score my first Christmas temp job, my first ever interview was for Selfridges in Manchester.

After waiting in the winding queue through brisk winds, cold showers and warming suns for 2 hours, which made press see here, I finally made it into the lift where I waited another 40 minutes in my now soaked tights until I was confronted by two ladies at the applicant selection table. I was soon to be turned away but due to my persuasive grimace and 100 miles per hour speech as to 'why I am capable to work here' they let me through with a 'you seem very eager, please wait over there'.

I was in. But that was only the start, what I was waiting for was a test. I had to role play a 'customer and shop assistant' scenario. Baring in mind I was nearly turned away as I've no retail/paid work assistance, it's fair to say, I was bricking it.

I had a rummage trough the rail as to what was available to match up to certain events and overall, it went well for someone with no experience. I was told I had a talent and would do well in retail so I was to apply next year with more of a knowledge on fashion. Don't gasp just yet! I bet you're wondering what Marc has to do with it ain't you?

Well it's because of him I didn't get the job. I failed to realise my shaking hands we're handling a very chic turquoise (think galaxy) Marc Jacobs dress. It was my lack of name dropping, which obviously is the key technique in retail, why I was told to re apply next year. Which I didn't, but I would of, because the week later I bagged a Christmas temp job in Next - on womens/mens and kids - where I stayed for a year.

I only resigned so I could travel the UK in search of Universities and attend open days. Which really paid off as I am now going to be starting at a University I only ever read about. Never in my dreams did I picture myself heading down to London and attending one of the most respected fashion colleges in the world! I'm so appreciative and after my short course where I learnt so much, I'm very eager, just like when I was 16, but with a bit more knowledge.

I'm ready to learn!

What this post was really about was suppose to be a game I play at 2am when I can't sleep. I'm obsessed with this idea of using The Libertines - Don't Look Back in a runway show! I've no idea why but I love the song and I think it would sound exhilarating whilst walked too.

So I found Marcs, which is what got me talking about my Selfridges story, 10 minute long SS10 show on and what you do is - you mute the video and strategically play the songs you want, to the show!

 It's all about the timing and I get unbelievably excited when it's perfect, or when the model will show a bit of attitude just as the beat kicks in! You're probably thinking I should just go to bed but this is so much fun. Try it yourself and enjoy it!

This is the show to mute but then listen to afterwards! I never listen first, unless I've already seen it online, so then I can compare my music selections to the ones used!

Here are, in order, the songs I would play to the show.
They don't have to fit the theme or style it's just what you want to play!

My advice is: don't think too much about what you want to play with the show, go with your gut because it's funnier if it works well!

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  1. Hey girl!

    I am actually really loving reading your blog too!! I like that you are featuring a little bit of everything. It makes me want to travel back to London so bad..

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