The 1234 Shoreditch 2011
1234 Shoreditch has been round for a number of years now and I'm sure I wasn't the only one gutted not to be there. Thanks to the beauty of hash tag twitter feeds I stayed up to date on the festivals events. 1234 featured No Wave esque music at any time of the day such as, Black Lips, Covergirl, Tim Burgess from The Charlatans, CLOUT! and Lydia Lunch. Including many after parties for those who might of missed the best of the day such as IDOL magazine afterparty at El Pasco.

Lydia Lunch on Denton in 1994 discussing on what makes a 'confrontationalist', the imbalance of death and how the power system, specifically men in power, are forms of abuse. We're all being abused. News of the World?

These women look like they're from different eras, with fab legs. I went to a charity shop today and to no avail could I find anything good, I usually do. Perhaps theres a mental block I have to break before I buy clothing not made for the 21st century.

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Two Wounded Birds

Two Wounded Birds are an excellent band I caught at the BBC Introducing tent at Glastonbury. They're heavy, always wearing sunglasses and perfectly surf enough to sway to. Check them out.  

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