Glasto, Art Show, Wine and Interviews.


Have I been a busy bee! 

ScreenMunch is my friend Lewis during English Language revision sessions! The afternoon of my last exam, I was off to Glastonbury which was very muddy and very hot, but I had a good time dancing to DJs, wondering Shangrila and getting very drunk to Morrissey. Photos soon!

The day after Glasto I was on my way to London, on my own, for an offers day at London College of Fashion. Where I mastered the tube and met lots of lovely people on mine and other courses. We even went for a typical fashion meal, low kcal, non fat, at Snog! It was soo yummy. We then counteracted it by visiting CyberCandy next door but ah well ying and yang. In between trips I soaked up the sun in the garden whilst reflecting the light from my Blackberry screen into the next door neighbours, 8 year old, bratty child eyes, who swears far to much.

After London I was back at Sixth Form starting on the 2 day slog for my Art Show! I painted, stapled, draped, ironed and sweeped. My boards were shoved at the back. But it just so happens on the Private Viewing it was where the biggest crowds were. I made a negative, being at the back, into a positive, where people gathered, asked questions and drank free wine.

Other than that, I've been working on my 30 day shred, had a job successful job interview at a cinema and caught up with friends which went a lot like i.e the last photograph. 

see you soon. XXXXXXXXXXX

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  1. hey girl! nice work with the art show! sounds like it all went well. -fb X