Miles Kane

You might recognise Miles Kane from the Rascals and Last Shadow Puppets, lip locking times with Aggy Deyn and around about town with Arctic Monkeys and part duo of the Last Shadow Puppets, Alex Turner. Kane is now solo and shouldn't be categorised as a Liam Gallagher sort, just by the hair, before listening to his music, hes one of a kind. Hes one of the best guitarists of today, just watch him go.

The Rascals - Freakbeat Phantom

The Last Shadow Puppets - Standing Next to Me
2 songs I listened to over and over back in 08!

With influences of the Beatles, a given, and the legendary Nick Cave, I was greatly surprised of the performance Kane gave, solo, at Leeds festival this year. His stage presence is massive you can tell hes into everything he does even the crowd, every time. From the endearing smile after each verse to the charismatic flick of the arm after a belt on the guitar, hes got it. What ever it is, it's what we've needed.

Miles Kane - Inhaler

I'd give Rearrange a watch and a listen, the video is so good Kane seamlessly bobs along as if hes actually been taken out of the 60's but better dressed with a decent haircut.

Miles Kane - Rearrange

One of my favourite covers at the moment:
Miles Kane - A Girl Like You

Let me know what you think of him, were you already a fan? Want to see him live? Do it!

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