Turns out I had a reason for just wanting to lay in bed, I'm ill boohooo just a little bug but anyways after one too many films and grapes I got a bit bored. So I just wanted to take the chance to have a rant at how unfair it is that girls get sucked into unusual, arty individuals that are not so ten a penny back in Manchester nor London for that matter. OH INTERNET.

Here are some really cool photos I took at the Damien Hirst exhibition at Tate Modern where photos were not permitted.

This is my favourite piece of Hirst as it was one of the first spot paintings, I like the dribbles of the spots and how Hirst had to make the decision from this whether he was just going to do spot paintings continuously or explore and continue with art.

From real butterflies getting caught in the paint to a room full of alive butterflies.

I'm truly fascinated with the depth of the sharks mouth. I wouldn't like to get lost in there.

I really hate flies but I think this photo is the one I most like although the cows head is completely disgusting I like to look at it in the sense you can work out the muscle from the fat, it smelt really awful too and the flies were too well grown and too many of them to stand and look for long. But overall it was really strange looking at this piece as a whole, a lot like the fish and the pregnant cow, which I'm not sure what I think about to this day.

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