Homage to Dylan (Drew)

When I came across the photo the other day of Drew Barrymore and Corey Feldman I just thought YES! How perfect? 

From Charlies Angels to Poison Ivy, if I could look like anyone it would be Drew. And do you know what, I and anyone else can be!

You can't style profile Drew as it's the whole get up, not just awesome flower headpieces and perfect jackets. It's the hair, the nails, the lip stains, the accessories, the creases, the layers, the hair!

Accessories have been collected and the clothing has be worn. Most importantly, theres always a smile, which is the most important thing.

The hair is free! The lips are paid attention to, eyebrows are strong and clothing looks vintage. As if it has been sourced out in thrift stores because of it's beauty. The clothes didn't wear her, she wears them because she likes them! It's hard to do this, and sometimes it doesn't always look right, but even though it might look odd, there will be someone somewhere thinking wow, why didn't I think of putting that together, or wow, why can't I dress like that? But it's not about that either, as long as you're comfortable and happy, it will show on your face! 

Another thing I loved about Dylan, she always attracted the bad guy. You can't not love Eric Knox!

Amazing hair!

Miu Miu is an amazing brand, I love these ads.

As someone who doesn't smile all to often because teeth are not perfect and Zac Efron white, I know that no teeth are naturally perfect and if you're smiling, no ones inspecting them! They should be smiling back at you or thinking wow she's happy! Smiling is good for us humans, so I'm going to be doing a lot more of it. I'm thinking sorority smiles!

A personal to do list is to enjoy thrift shopping and build up a wardrobe of wearable and adorable pieces. Collect accessories, invest in plum lipstick, go lighter with my hair, carry on growing it and smile more!

Ferrris Style Icon!

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