Brian Duffy

In my childhood I used to listen to my parents LPs and tapes constantly. I blame my dad for my love for Bowie. In every art project I get he is linked in somehow. He was practically my Art and Design GCSE! I'm studying Brian Duffy and by consequence, he shot the iconic Aladdin Sane photo. Everyone loves Ziggy but not many people know of Duffy, hes really good, he worked with Bailey and I actually prefer him and his work. Sadly he has passed away but there are so many images he created we all know today but hes just not been bought into all the hype. I'm sort of glad as when things go mainstream they loose their shine unfortunately.

So... this is my image recreated. I did the make up I'm so proud! I overlaid the original image for the text and the teardrop on the collar bone (I had to google what it was at first!) I then in a separate layer used the brightest red then filtered it to colour the hair. I used the smudge tool for a flawless cover of the face paint and voila. It's not a tutorial but hey.

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