Photography Sets

This is my wonderful friend Erin Swan who very kindly got all glammed up for me and my Rural shoot for Photography class. These images were taken by me and haven't been fully edited but here are a few I am very pleased with already.

This year at college in Photography class I decided to focus on taking images of people and portraits, as I really love Rankins work I have two huge heavy books of his! I remember last year settling into college and getting used to the daunting studio equipment, I was so shy, I never asked anyone to model for me and when I did I never touched the lighting or directed them well, I didn't realise they were just as nervous as me! However this year it's all changed, I threw myself into taking more and more better images each time and turning my nerves into determination. Not only have I produced some of the best images I have ever taken, my knowledge on studio lighting, directing the models and even my Photoshop skills have become more professional (and I've been using it for 5 years!) have all improved with experience which has helped build my confidence. I'm really proud of myself for now not being frightened of taking photos in the street or asking a model to stand in a certain position or move away any pesty hairs. It's only just the beginning and I'm very excited for my final piece in December.

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