Manchester Protest #demo2010

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Manchester Student Protest

If I had to pick between Labour, Lib Dem or Conservatives, I would choose the latter. Not just because it's who my parents have always voted for but because I, 17 year old and middle classed, do agree actually with a lot of their policies. This does not go down well amongst my friends...

We’ve all heard about the student protests, I really want to go just to satisfy my wondering curiosity. Some say going will be hypocritical; it’s not in the slightest. I can't even vote yet, and neither can they.

I can’t help compare the London protests to the one in Manchester going on today. I can’t help but feel embarrassed by the unnecessary, feral violence. I understand its to be noticed, to make a stand but seriously, hitting Police officers? Vandalising? Urinating on Winston Churchill? It’s so childish and disrespectful. Why would anyone want to give someone like that, with no clear mental capacity, a place at University? Is this evidence proving that anyone can blag a Personal Statement?

I do have a fair awareness that the Conservatives have to make these cuts in order to help the country improve its declined stability. It annoys me when people disregard Maggie Thatcher as if she did nothing for the country. Yeah, she went a little off the rails towards the end, but wouldn't you with that hair? And it’s usually college drop outs the ones sitting at home watching Jeremy Kyle who complain. They don’t realise some people are neglected and have no choice but to live that lifestyle. They’re the last ones to refuse the help offered to them such as college expenses, health, work load but the first ones to complain about the rising fees, they’re probably not even going to University anyway and if they did, would there be any point? Would they just be taking up a valuable slot instead of someone else if they were to just drop out anyways?

Don't get me started on EMA payments and bonuses. I know so many people who now have wealthy gym memberships they never use thanks to their very generous £100 bonus. I know half of which at college who get the full £30 and bus fare/food money from their parents regardless. Why should they spend their weekend money? The shambolic excuse 'Well I only get my payment if I come in everyday...' I come in every day. Sometimes I don’t particularly want to. Where’s my incentive? There are people who respect their funded education then there are those who just need a new pair of heels to go with their new dress.

As I write this, I can go home from college now or I could go to Manchester. I’ve been monitoring the protest live feed on and it looks pretty sparse. Bury had no complaints, that’s great, but it does pose the question, was there any point? Manchester has already had two arrests and it will probably get worse. Is there any point? Not in the slightest, if we’re sensible it’s ignored and if we’re violent all students and those who actually want a good education are tainted with that barbaric nature. We want good futures and stable careers, not Tesco points and Jeremy Kyle - that’s our point!

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