Photography Studio Lighting Un-edited

Victoria - November 26th, all images taken by myself Samantha Goodwin

Here I was practising the different effects I could create in the studio, mainly using on spot light with no umbrella, soft box etc. It worked really well, Victoria is such a good model to use. Because I photograph her most of the time shes so giving she even offers to help me with the equipment! So after time we both feel comfortable in the studio and I can tell her exactly how to stand, how to dress down to the expression for the photos! I'm so grateful :D shes a good friend!

These images are un-edited but I really wanted to share a couple, as there are quite a few to choose from, I think represent it well. I did upper body shots and portraits and used the single light in different positions and heights for the different effects. Again I am very please with my photos taken as I am trying to hard to improve my actual Photographing skills so it's less to edit and better quality. Oh I also sat down on a stool taking these for the angles (besides the portraits) but used a tripod throughout this photoshoot! I'd never used one before for a shoot and it really helped and they're so easy to use! 

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