Trip to London

 This is a female reindeer at Convent Garden that took a very nice liking to me!

As you can see the tiny pen, and there was two of them! It was surrounded by groping hands trying to cop a feel of the magnificent reindeer. There was a lady dressed in a Santa outfit handing out some moss like thing children we're trying to feed them. When I finally squeezed in this reindeer I photographed above walked right over and began eating the wax fruit/grass thats decorating the pen! I was scared not going to lie. Then I tried to pet her and my Leeds fest wristband got stuck round her antlers, I thought I was going to loose an arm!!!!! But this is how clever they are, she tugged, I panicked, she bowed her head to set it free, I was amazed. Then even though I didn't have any of the moss or eaten anything previously she wouldn't leave me, sniffing at me. So I took photos like the top image but every time I tried she kept kissing the camera! Then I asked and American guy who was rudely shoving the green thing at her, what it was and he said Moss. While I asked she licked me! Which was so cute and very wet.. I was fascinated because when other people tried to pet or feed her she sharply turned her head. I felt at ease even though there was so many people around it didn't feel like there was, it was so rewarding :) then she was sort of grunting at me like proper breathing in my face over and over so I imagine this was her saying hello, so I did some form of breathy squeal back :)

This is Drury Lane where me and my mum both had a bit of an epiphany and decided to re create the iconic Beatles image, sweeeeeeet

Some buildings on Drury Lane!

We we're in London this time for London College of Fashion open day talks on Fashion Journalism and Fashion PR. I have already applied to the Journalism course but the PR one looks more fitting. Even though I have applied to UCAS I am thinking of doing an Art Foundation to really allow myself to be creative for a year, in Manchester, the city I love, have a good progression and decide where I want to go, also re access my options. There are some big changes happening in the world of work and the economy I have a gut feeling there will be a variety of options to take in education. I am set on University life though especially in London. My mum and I have had plentiful trips to London this year, it was also my first time to visit London in 2010 too so it's been so exciting. I'd say we've been around five times and I think this was the last trip so far. We went as a whole family to see the sights and the rest were Uni visits to UCA, CSM and LCF. I have good feel of London now and find is so easy to navigate around!

We also visited a very old Patisserie Maison Bertaux in Soho to visit Noel Fieldings exhibition because, you know kinda loved him since I was 12! Met Tania the owner, who is the most wonderful women e v e r, drank so many cups of tea, and eaten far to many cakes. It was so cool, every time we go to London we make a visit, a nice home away from home vibe. Noels exhibit is on till the 5th of Jan next year 2011 so go go go! Photos soon :)

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