Clothes Show 2010!!!!!!!

OMG I had the best of times at the Clothes Show I loved every minute of it! Jessica and I really enjoyed ourselves this year and had so much fun. I only had my Blackberry to take the most blurry photographs of the Show in world but if you follow me on twitter, @sammeh, I did a through running commentary as best as I could. I stopped posting what photos I took to the #clothesshow feed because I didn't want to spoil it for anyone going as we were at the first day!

Guess who!! It's Mark and Lauren on the runway from The Only Way is Essex!! Mark wasn't so ballsy on stage but I can assure you he's just as fit in real life. Laurens bum looked amazing in this dress, styled by Alexis Knox - @alexisknox

We had floor seats to see the show, second from the back but I figured a girls got to start somewhere, so many half naked male models running right past me I literally froze!

I will photo my luxuries I bought later but I must share them with you now! I bought loads this year the clothes have really upped their game because usually I buy one thing right at the very end just so I can go home with something! The little indian stores that are usually filled with the everyday market stall dresses were actually really cute this year, maybe its the whole vintage fluro vibe going to my head I don't know I'm talking one or two here in each stall which is still better than none! Saying so, I came away with the cutest black V cut lace dress which will look great against my pale completion and as it comes in at the waist, a lady's best part, also hiding my thighs, PERFECTTTTT. The final selling point for me was the v cut neckline because so many dresses are pulled in a the waist but cover both neck area and arms because their made for the busty lady which unfortunately I run low on stockage there, so I really love to show my décolletage :D

I bought a top up of Fake Bake lotion, the new Crakle BarryM nail polish which I couldn't help but overlay onto my Paradoxal Chanel there and then woowoo! It's amazing find it buy it now. Oh some new Henry Holland for Pretty Polly garter tights with the little house included as I put a hole in my other ones ): which they threw in some free Henry Holland socks that are grey, with imprinted gold chains which I'm wearing now :) AND thank you so much to my good friend Jessica who at this point had to lend me some money because I took a limited amount only for a reason and failed, I got to buy an amazing LA red and white American Jock jacket!!!!!!! It's the perfect style and I've wanted one from since I can remember, my mum says because of watching Buffy and loving Marty McFly in Back to the Future 2... but I have one now which I'll keep forever as it's faux leather sleeves so once worn in will look even better! You might think, is that all, but we also got our hair and face did at Lee Staford and Rimmel which was such an experience. @ Rimmel they even took a photo of us which I will scan in soon :) such a good day overall. I almost forgot, I also bought a pair of geek glasses and I don't care what I have said in the past I've wanted a pair for ages and I love them!

A blogger even stopped to give me one of her print outs to see if I wanted to be considered the face of her clothing range, I was immensely flattered because this has never happened before, common it may be it made me feel good about myself especially with my hair and make up I finally felt part of something, that something being stylish and urbanely on trend, (I wanted to say original but it's not but it is at the same time)

After! This you many note is called the current bun my friends, Jessica had the most adorable Fishtail plait. We we're addicted to red lippy allllll day

There was a very attractive model in the show with curly hair, think Justin Bobby/topless Parisian guy named Max Rogers @max_rogers

Dear Max, if you reading this feel free to add me, BB Pin: 214CE530 honestly, I don't mind. x

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