So I've been on the computer for too many hours now, creating my graphics final piece for next week in order for it to be sent off online so it's printing in time before the deadline (this Friday) it's almost there, with any luck my teacher will approve and I can then start revising for my General Studies exam which I haven't touched yet (the exams tomorrow)

I'm creating my very own magazine for Graphics, it's 20 pages long and features some of my friends work, my photography and illustrations. I'm looking into publishing it on issuu but it's so hard to work the files! (anyone who knows who to do this please would they tutor me!!)

Whilst creating the pages I cannot stop listening to the Mugler Gaga remix, it's amazing. It really reminds me of tune you would hear in an underground cyber rave, or in fact playing in Cyber dog. I really can't get over it! The pulling away of latex on the skin is so surreal it's really inspiring me for my next Graphics project that starts next week... (its never ending!)

Marc Jacobs has really set my SS for this year, I think he nailed the 70's. Heidi Klum really shone out at the Golden Globes because it was so understated compared to everyone Else's. However I am slightly predicting a Gothic vibe for AW which is so good I love a bit of goth. Is it FW already! It's STILL winter I don't need to be seeking out what I'm going to hide away from the rain already. Hurry up summer already!

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