The Mugler Show - Fall 2011

I'm still in awe about  Nicola Formichetti's first menswear show for Mugler this month. He found Rick Genest (Zombie Boy) on facebook and I find it amazing how technology is allowing people from different backgrounds, with different talents to have a better chance of once in a life time opportunities. The world is a huge place, in case you hadn't noticed, sometimes I fret whether or not I lead an amazing life because of the size of it all, how many other people are out there who are better than me - but thats a negative attitude and the key thing there is no one in the world is better than me because everybody is different.

At the Golden Globes (68th) I was more fascinated with what the boys were wearing, well kinda just Mr Darcy, Zac Efron, RPattz what can I say, my favourite has to be Justin Bieber in D&G Black label. Who recently bagged himself a LOVE cover for the androgynous issues. I for one will be looking out for that issue because it's the year of the Beiber and we've all got a little Bieber fever in us one way or another...

The randomly placed pop of orange was so innovative. It was a nice surprise and set the tone of the whole show and if anything, defined it by breaking out of the 'gothica, cyber dog' bracket this collection perhaps could be categorised in.

I read somewhere Mugler was famous for his scale of proportions of clothing and I for one adore these pants. I don't know why but they remind me of a really classic 90's friends episode. IN A GOOD WAY I'm also feeling 1999 Sex and the City, New Yorkers as well. It's something to do with the cut and how intriguing they are. They're smart yet casual, but so un proportioned yet it works. It's different yet I feel familiar with it. It's interesting and will make nice change to the Indie boy Chino and worse, Harem (yes, still) phase.

Most attractive model on there. It is a military inspired outfit but I'm more preoccupied with the collar of the coat with high necked white top. Is this an end to the JLS style V necks finally? Seriously... I can't take anymore chest hair on the 8am bus to college, regardless if theres snow on the ground.

The collection is so beautiful. It's appears zombiefied, Camden loving, Dark Mark wanting, but it's very wearable especially in the workplace. It will make a really nice change to the uniform of men today. I don't know what Formichetti was thinking when he billowed silks over the models heads but whatever... it's works. Perhaps it has something to do with hiding identity in the same sense women do with beauty. Another tick next to the androgynous box, women are more recently drawn to classic styles of clothing typically male such as satchels, brogues, pants, and men are fighting to become more attractive like a female whether that be their weight or simply going shopping a lot more than boys did 5 years ago. Males have weight issues too and if anything its increasing, I'm avoiding the size zero debate because if it's healthy weight loss such as going to the gym etc I believe everyone should feel healthy, it makes you feel better as a person. However I am noticing males are fighting to be skinnier than the girlfriends and I can't explain why, just now.

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