Gok Wan Exclusive for Specsavers

The 25th February was the unveiling of Gok Wans eye wear collection for Specsavers, and I got a sneak preview beforehand!

These are the pair I chose on the 23rd when I popped in for a eyetest because I felt like my eyes had changed. There was a beautiful MISSONI pair that I was set of straight away until the Head Merchandiser grabbed me to one side like a Market dealer in Abu Dhabi 'pssssst... they really suit you but let me show you a peek at Goks collection!' The lady was so lovely! She wasn't suppose to show them until the 25th but I got a preview! There are 30 styles overall and I'm pretty certain I tried them all one. There were two trays full!

GOK WAN 12 glasses
GOK WAN 12 glasses
GOK WAN 12 glasses

With these glasses you really have to try them all on to see what works best for your face shape and skin tone. Also imagine how they will fit for your life style and personal style. I only need them for reading as my eyes are 'sensitive' (irony) so I chose the pair above because I will be whipping them out every now and again, so I want that double take from people. This pair also came in green. To view the collection click here.

MISSONI 39 glasses
This was the MISSONI pair that were so cute, but I figured, everyone has these glasses and I already have a clear pair set I wear for fun anyways!

A pick of some of the styles on offer, there are a million colours in the collection:

GOK WAN 04 glasses
GOK WAN 11 glasses
GOK WAN 09 glassesGOK WAN 18 glassesGOK WAN 19 glassesGOK WAN 13 glassesGOK WAN 14 glasses

I was mega impressed with Gok Wans designed, theres a broad range of styles and colours fit for everyone. It was such a breath of fresh air in Specsavers I see this as the start of a new lease of creative design for eye wear on the highstreet. Theres nothing worse than picking out a new pair so to have Gok on the menu was a real treat! I can't wait to pick them up Tuesday!

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