Karl Lagerfeld Interview

I'm posting a lot of videos recently because I'm using YouTube all the time. I love to search cultures like the Beats and old songs I used to listen to and create play lists. Which you can listen to here

I also subscribe to the telegraph as they post short videos which is just perfect because I don't like long ones though, I can sit through 10 minutes of YouTube goodness depending.

I have Karl Lagerfeld confidential on DVD but I found this video so intimate, I think it has something to do with Hillary Alexanders personality and warmth with her interviewee, they're her friends. I really related with Karl's feeling of always feeling lazy even though he is a genius.

As a student it is hard to understand I have no choice but to do all this work and I always want to do the best I can. With the deadlines recently met, handing in your work at the end of a project is very rewarding. I can only feel satisfied with my work if I get butterflies when I see it printed, love it and want to share it. My mum will tell me I work hard but I always go no no it's just what has to be done. And I too feel lazy that perhaps I could do better, but at the moment it's working for me. Also, Karl is late all the time but not in the rude way, but because hes so busy! I'm late all the time but usually because I'd been up the night before till about 2 am researching or working. It's nice to know people are not perfect and there are some very interesting, authentic characters out there.

Anna Calvi is the musician he is currently interested in and the video ends with Karl giving the CD of hers to Hillary. It's such a nice moment and you know he is completely genuine. I'd never doubt that for a second.

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