My A2 Photography Final Pieces (Project 1)

Over the project I researched photographers such as Nadar, Rankin and Brian Duffy but I was amazed how inspired I was by David Baileys photos. In my first year at college I'd always photograph anything but people! From fruit to landscapes, anything but people, get that tripod away from me! I had no idea what to do in the studio so I never ventured there.

This year I decided to face my fears and tackle it head on. I chose Fashion Photography with Portraiture and spend as much time in the studio as I could.

For my Final Piece I used the one light with no diffuser, a tripod and my Canon 450D. The only editing was at 3 am and took about 10 minutes for all ten images! My original idea was just portraits but I wanted to explore the body as seen in most in Fashion photography. The models I chose were from all different examples, with beautiful unique features. There are girls from Kosovo and Germany here! I love my images, it's been a productive project and my class mates actually ask ME what to do in the studio!

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