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How could I not of blogged about this???????????

Remember the Epsom interview I was offered for Fashion Journalism @ UCA?


I'm so happy with myself! It was my first interview and I was literally shaking before it started. When I was waiting I started chatting to the girl sat next to me called Sarah. She was waiting for her Art Foundation interview. Sarah only lived down the road so she had the Surrey accent, it only highlighted my Mancunian accent so I was feeling rather conscious. She was so nice! We were just talking about everything until, it was her time to be called up.

(on the train to London) What I wore: Cotton white Zara shirt, Lanvin for H&M menswear bow tie, black 'All Saints Worn look' Topshop Brogues, black cardigan, black cigarette pant, red lip, white nail and the tightest bun you ever did see which I had like 2 seconds to do!

I was an hour early but it flew by and dragged in parts. We firstly had a tour around the campus, building suspension I gathered, but I made the most out of it and chatted to the student leading the tour who does the same course in the 2nd year. I started chatting to another girl in the group who was with her mum also. When it was time for the interview, it was a group of nine interviewees, all girls, being interviewed by a lady also from the North!

The rest is a blur but what I can remember was it was really relaxed, intense and exciting. We were asked several questions, at the end of each I hoped and was sure it was the last until another followed. Intense because it was important not to repeat the same answer as someone else, talk clearly and remain true to myself. (and not allow nerves to get the better of you!) It was so exciting to meet and hear about what other similar people are up to! Some girls were online contributors, others were adamant bloggers! It was very rewarding and I came away from it with positive feelings. Even if I didn't get a place, I did my very best, prepared well and it was a good experience.

The positive feelings didn't last long however, as I didn't have my phone on me, like at all. It wasn't in my bag and I didn't even have pockets so you know, kinda panicking with no money worrying that I was going to be stranded and lost in Surrey! (not all bad...) But I stuck with my new friend Rose as I was sure our mums would of stuck together, and hoped I'd left my phone in my coat pocket, which I did, and all was good! But it totally took away the awesome feelings I had before, for about a minute.

The Stone Roses
  I met another girl called Lauren who actually lived in the heart of London who I still speak to on twitter! Lauren said she loved my accent which I was totally shocked at as I loved hers! When I was answering my questions in the interview, I tried to speak 'properly' but ended up stumbling over my own words so I thought no stuff this, this is me, here we go. I spoke in my Mancunian way but clearly. This way I could feel confident in what I was saying and I wasn't trying to be somebody else.

I really loved my interview it was such a good first experience! I can't believe I've been offered a place! I'm so happy! It's an actual serious university with a great reputation and opportunity to study the course I love and a better chance to actually do what I love in life, as a career, IN FASHION!

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