Huddersfield Interview

So I'm sat here with a can of coke with a very sour sweet in my mouth at half 1 in the morning whilst listening to Cut Copy (what else?) I've tonight and tomorrow to rest until the trip to London on Sunday for the LCF assessment on Monday. On the 24th I had my Huddersfield interview for Fashion Communication and Promotion. It was the most horrible process I've ever been through for a University, let me tell you why.

As soon as I walked in to the reception area, which wasn't much of an area, just a table, in a very large, echoy, packed building. I was greeted, or should I say acknowledged from 15 feet away "YOU HERE FOR INTERVIEW?" before I could even walk over to introduce myself/sign in. I was aware they were busy, they being the 3 sat behind the desk dressed like students, looked like students, smelt like students. So yeah, they're not going to beat around the bush but I was so took off guard, it was hard to refocus.

That over with I then had to wait an hour with my mum in the cafe. Which again, was just a few, 4, tables spread out on the opposite side of the bare building. I was so nervous! I had been to UCA before hand and coped fine, I knew what it was, it was the whole shouting experience I had just received. My friend Sammy was there with her mum also, for the Illustration course, shes really good. It was so comforting to see a familiar face.

So it got to the time I was suppose to of signed in/had a campus tour and we'd had no communication other than the previous ordeal. I went over to the reception table but before I got a chance to speak I was greeted rudely again. By rude I mean looked up at as if I had just crawled out from under a rock. I was dismissed to the cafe again. But I'm never dismissed, so I firmly but always politely told her that I was sat away from where they could see so when they do shout me over like you keep repeating please don't forget. They did forget and I was like 2 mins late into the room for the 'brief' overview of the subject. Which I already knew anyway because I revised it the night before, you know, like you should, in case they ask at interview, which they didn't.

From then on wards once met with the course leaders, who were nothing more than focused, I waited 2 whole hours on edge until I was summoned for interview, unwear of when that would be, so it was tense. The interview itself was fine, we went through my portfolio and it was 60% of me doing the talking, 40% Interviewer which is a good ratio. I felt confident with my work and answers to the questions asked, even with ripped pants. Thats right. Ripped pants. My H&M pants I'd bought specially for interviews had fallen apart therefore flashing my behind, isn't that nice? Thankfully I brought my coat and explained why I wanted to leave it on as it's un polite to not take it off. It was a great ice breaker but I was mortified. I left feeling humiliated and drained. I hated the whole process and lack of communication. I just wanted to get out and go on the dole. I was on such a downer it took a good 2 hours, 1 ice tea and a new pair of shoes to bring me back to life. Oh and new pair of pants, a pair of leggings, 1 dress, all in black... my mum really did try to cheer me up, I'm very fortunate. They offered me a place which I found out the day after, so I'm happy with that and myself. More so that I dealt well and coped with RIPPED PANTS.

Huddersfield, is an ok Uni, but it's not for me. The course was more academic based focusing more on case studies and after a year of Psychology case studies at AS, unless it's for Science purposes, I'll pass. It wasn't as creative as I would of wanted and I didn't relate well with the course itself. I'm big on organisation and communication and I really thought the University lacked that therefore only making my final decision easier when choosing what Uni I want to go to. I'm still proud of myself for successfully earning a place and still going in even though I wanted to run away when my pants ripped.


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