I know you adore at least one of these Australian beauties. The good news is, they'll probably adore you to!

(2008 - bit late, but it still counts!) 'The size 14 body was preferred by 39 per cent, while the size eight came a distant third with 20 per cent.

FHM editor Ben Smithurst said the findings were good news for women.

"A piddling 20 per cent of readers selected our size eight model pictured as their ideal girl physique, while the size 12 and 14 models easily outscored their skinnier rival," he said.

"Which proves one thing, ladies: crack a beer, hoe into a hamburger and we'll love you just as much."'

Stats can be exciting, who knew?

However I do agree with Julie Thomson the general manager for The Butterfly Foundation (of eating disorders) that surveys like this objectify women. Proving that people judge by exterior appearance. However it's a no win situation men fancy women the hour glass figure (more waist) and women (I should know) fancy the broad shoulder, triangle body shape. (Also a good jaw line never hurt anyone) It's human instinct. Men want a women who can carry their offspring and Women want a man to protect them. Therefore the hips are wide enough to support offspring and the shoulders are enough to intimidate. Just a little science/psychology there for you!
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Photos from left: Hugh Jackman, Sam Worthington, Oliver Thornton, Heath, Heath and more Heath Ledger

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