Today that is Sunday

I joined dailybooth!

So that means lots of photos everyday. It's kinda like a Flickr 365 which I had a fair attempt at... but this is less effort, you can post a snappy or a creative shot and all is good. It seems pretty fun so far. It takes people watching to a whole new level ^-^

Here are some outtakes in case you wanted to see how pale I was and yeah I do wear my geek glasses round the house for fun, yep that is a scarf/turban trend ticked off my list and yeah those pink pants, kinda my pajamas.

Say hello to my Duckie from Pretty in Pink glasses. I looooove them. From ebay!

I actually think this might be my first photos of me post, interesting times.

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  1. Loving the "geek" glasses! Heheh
    Any comment, feedback of follow woild be appreciated :)
    SHLO! :)