The Only Way is Essex

Yes I am a fan of The Only Way is Essex, on ITV2 Sundays and Wednesdays, it's great! It almost fools you into thinking being very brown and permently wearing false eyelashes is OK - well - it is if you live in Essex, apparently.

This is where I found out about the brand AQUA, whome of which I now adore. It was this dress that started it all. It can be bought on for £180, I really love the red one on Lydia but I think if I was to purchase it with the no money and no job I have, it would have to be the black. The red compliments her blonde here and 'sun kissed' skin.

Image 1 of Aqua Bolivia Mesh Maxi Dress with Contrast PanelsImage 1 of Aqua Bolivia Mesh Maxi Dress with Contrast Panels

If you're a fan of Lydia and the Only Way is Essex too, check out Lydias style blog here! The Runway Towards The Glamorous Spotlights is where Lydia can post where she gets all of her outfits from reducing the amount of requests on twitter! I think Lydia should post more often on twitter about this blog so she wouldn't get the tweets after each show as I found out from a friend.

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