I'm going to Glastonbury & Leeds Festival 2011!!!!! :D

My parents have got me Glasto and Leeds tickets for my 18th! I'm so happy! Better than an awkward party, I've had parties in the past they were really great I was a good host making sure everyone was well, having fun, dancing! Couldn't of done it without my parents holding the fort down with the very alcholoic punch, hot pizza and garden chimney :D

So it's festival shopping season time. Thankfully, I've collected a lot of festival worthy things such as my Hunters and rocker ts. I'm going to make a wishlist nevertheless! These are my summer faves

Image 1 of ASOS Star Flower Chiffon Maxi Dress

A lovely floral maxi dress, Ashley Olsen inspired, would look great in a field however I really can't stand polyester and this is 100%. I don't recommend polyester and camping together anyway.

Image 1 of Motel Parrot Sweatheart Dress Image 1 of Traffic People Ruffle Dress Image 1 of Traffic People Silk Satin Belted Dress Image 1 of Traffic People Silk Satin Ruffle Dress
Image 1 of Religion Tiered Broderie Anglaise Dress Image 1 of Firetrap Racer Back Cotton Dress
Jersey dresses, perfect for layering to keep warm at the night and especially breezy for when the sun shines. Available in a rainbow of colours.
Image 1 of Aqua Cape Dress Studded Cowl Back 

By Aqua (I found this after the two black ones below and amazed to see this is Aqua! Aqua knows what they're doing. Worthy of a blog post me thinks) This dress is perfect for the midnight raves as it will glow glow glow in the UV light! I am on the look out for a Florance and the Machine like dress as that'd look so cool especially with rave paint splattered over it.

Image 1 of Aqua Sedgwick Dress With Sequin Batwing Sleeves Image 1 of Aqua Warhol One Shoulder Dress With Sequin Batwing Sleeve
Both by Aqua, loving Aqua at the moment! Perfect early evening main staging however when 6 o'clock hits, I will deffo need layers, and lots of them because it gets cold!

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