Covent Garden, London: Street Style

These are my first ever Street Style Photos of London’s finest hipsters. My main intention was to look for people who wore their clothing instead of allowing their clothes to wear them. From a simple roll up to an added layer, these people worked their clothing. It’s a technique most of us forget to attempt so here are some creative inspirations!

Ella, a Goldsmiths student studying Social Anthropology and Media, may not be into blogging herself but I can bet this isn’t her first style blog photo! A sheer black outfit, the Noisettes quiff and Levis denim jacket sums up London’s casual style. Note the black socks: a cool detail to a one colour outfit!

I spotted Maeve, from Australia (jealous much), behind the counter at Primrose Bakery. I only saw the cute t-shirt knot from the waist up, so I was amazed to see her wearing the leopard print Creepers! Not going to a lie, and there’s proof on here somewhere, I’m not Creepers biggest fan and did actually mock the leopard print pair but Maeve pulls them off sweetly. It almost makes me want to buy a pair…

Fashion Photographer Ben’s quiff and clubmasters caught my eye.  He only uses old school cameras (good lad) and admits he’s reading nothing interesting but was more than happy to have his photo taken.  The roll of a sleeve can really make a difference. This outfit would keep him cool during the heat without sacrificing his style.


  1. Love all of these looks but think the clubmasters won it for me ;)

  2. Hey! I didn't see all these photos when we put them up for LCF, they're great! You should definitely do more streetstyle. Manchester street style would reallllly interest me! :)

    Harriet x

  3. Love the pic of the first girl - loving sheer a lot at the moment! X