Street Style: Notting Hill

Notting Hill and street style!

I found this lad here in Notting Hill rather eye catching as he has no shame wearing black socks and white shoes in public, I salute him. I love a roll of a jean which he also has perfected to elongate his already tall stature.

 As you can see here together are some of girls at the LCF short course while we were there! I'm pretty sure we all stopped and gasped at this very glamorous couple. The lady looks like the model from the Chloe campaigns. No socks, straight leg jeans with a flash of the ankle, high waists for the ladies (see not all high waisted jeans have to be navy!) buckles, browns, stripes and sheer blouses. Werq!

 Meet Leg; a Polish builder working on the shop to the left. I kindly asked for a photograph whilst he was on his break, not the cigarette in hand. After just visiting Pepe Jeans I was intrigued at the wear of his jeans and realised people pay good money for a print like that. With Leg's quiff and Portobello check shirt, hes right bang on trend. I'm always admiring passers by and I thoroughly believe that capturing adults apposed to students in street style photography, is just as captivating!


Enjoy some of my images of Notting Hill and Portobello market snapped on the way back to Holborn.


 Everywhere you looked there were classic cars and motor scooters everywhere. It was like being in a Roger Moore 007 film shot in Venice! 


There are so many vintage/antique stores, colourful brick works and classical music player buskers! I doubt you will be asked if you like RnB whilst walking to the shop here.


Note the traditional architecture, there were cobbles to, contrasted with modern contemporary styles sandwiched next to one another. Around Notting Hill you are surrounded with neutral, earth, pastel and terracotta tones.

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