Liam Fray: The Courteeners

Liam Fray: The Courteeners

If you don't know who the luscious babe named Liam Fray is, now you do. With his Johnny Marr traditional Mancunian haircut, which is only rarely pulled off well, the Fray (Liam not the band) and the Courteeners (his band) are one of the best Manchester bands of today's rock/indie scene. I mean proper indie and notes of rock. What you would you call The Smiths or Joy Division genre, they were pretty rock n roll, minus the motorbikes and studs, the softer side of rock we called indie, but with shorter hair and better music than that say the kooks or the wombats.

It might just be me coming from such a scumbag city that I have therefore learnt, bit of psychology behaviourist for you there, that I am attracted to all bristl  lads things from the North West in clean gear (clothing). Or it just might be that we could mumble to one another and perfectly understand each other.

I'm asked far to many times to repeat myself when I go to London, haha I am very sorry. I drop my ts and if I can reduce the amount of times I open my mouth to talk, I will. I will also try and remember to refer to boys as boys, not lads. I say try. If you're familiar with Shameless I'm 20 minutes away from Gorton so life isn't to bad but I will guarantee that I will say 'do you know what I mean' at the end of eveything, I'll start every sentence with 'right' and say 'party' in a very funny, very catchy and very amazing way.

There are the glossy images above from photoshoots but I prefer mr Fray looking pretty gormless and nothing more than Northern. The photo below was at the GMEX gig in Manchester in December 2009 which I was at! Best gig I've been too. Back to the music.......

I must admit I've not been listening to their new stuff but I'm catching up on tumblr as I type. It turns out I have actually been listening to them all along just without realising it. They have a new sound and I like it. It's more softer than their original work but still as ever intelligently constructed, both lyrically and composed.

My mate Joseph has been to see them in the XFMs radio sets, or whatever it is I will have to ask him, won a chance to watch them play live in their London radio station then hang around with them in the after party. Theres like 20 people including the band and half of them work there, small crowd. Imagine sharing air.. never mind. So yeah he won it last year, and hes only gone and won it again for this year lucky sod. Very much doubt I'll be getting a plus one invite on that!

Photos from Joe and Sam thank youuuuuu

If you've not been intrigued by the Courteeners already or by this post go and listen to them now. I recommend Acrylic and Not Nineteen Forever just because they're lovely to listen too - see below!

What do you think of the Courteeners music? Have you heard of them before? Do you like his hair? Let me know..!

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