Dip Dye

 The dip dye trend is nothing new but never fails to lift up a persons spirits, I love it.

I was in town yesterday with friends and Chelsea was buying her lilac dye - like above - when I got a sudden urge to buy some myself. I think it's because the colour chart was so bright! I opted for a tulip colour to see if it would even pick up in my hair with it being brown.

Safe to say it has although compared to the images above not so bright. But it wasn't a bright colour anyway so perhaps that's something I could experiment with later. Its not even like a dip dye as in hello I'm dipping some hair into this colour it's just like a tint, I don't like it too neat i prefer it when it looks uneven and just grown up, so that's the look I was aiming for.

I really like it it's such a weird contrast and it was fun dying my hair again! I dyed it black for like 3 years and it took forever to colour it back to a nice colour so I think my hairdresser Danielle Ryan might not be best pleased... fear not, it's semi permanent!


  1. I love the colours, they look awesome.
    Your Hair has come out really cool.
    Liking your blog.


  2. i love the dip dye! but dont think i could pull it off.

    -fb X