Princess Beatrice's hat

Controversy rumbles over Princess Beatrice's - Philip Treacy - hat, worn to the royal wedding today, over Facebook. The page ' Princess Beatrice's Ridiculous Royal Wedding Hat' has attracted nearly 19,000 likes on Facebook, since the wedding had ended. 

Not that it really matters what Facebook lurkers think, it might just be me but if it's not mocking a great architectural hat it's the other creations of not so humorous pages like... 'Pippa Middleton is single - Prince Harry likes this. ' or 'The awkward moment when the ring doesn't fit on Kate Middleton's finger.' or 'Kate and William are having sex tonight, and the whole world knows.' it goes on, sometimes more explicit and mostly farther from being funny.

The only appropriate one with a mere 14,000 likes is 'The Duke & Duchess of Cambridge'. It might just be me, but I don't find them funny in the slightest. I could say it's a reflection of a generation of degenerates but I wont because it's not mostly true, perhaps just the people who spend 3/4 of their day on Facebook.

I don't know about you but I am a huge fan of what Princess Beatrice is wearing. Yes, even the hat. The colours match perfectly and I love the Valentino Haute Couture, she looks like a tiny doll. There were some complaints that her make up was heavy but it's just a smokey eye, everything else is natural even down to her hair. Which has been styled to look so effortlessly elegant. I'll admit perhaps not all appropriate for a royal wedding but either way it's a great hat.

What do you think? Is it a ridiculous hat or is there no better opportunity to share a wondrous hat like this, even if it happens to be at a royal wedding that just so happens to be in front of millions?

PHILIP TREACY - Gondola HatPHILIP TREACY - Gondola HatPHILIP TREACY - Large Plate HatPHILIP TREACY - Lurex Loop HeaddressPHILIP TREACY - Beano FascinatorPHILIP TREACY - Feather Quill Cocktail Hat

If you happen to have £2000 spare why not look at buying your own Philip Treacy hat, I have a feeling Harry's going to tweet me back any day now.

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