I finally got my first ever issue of Nylon! I'm a true magazine junkie and I must, by now, have at least a copy of every decent magazine on the new stand though I'm always discovering more! I just like to have them to get a feel of what different magazines are like. Some are very formal where some are all about the graphics.

June NYLON is out now but I'm still reading this and mountain of other magazines so whilst I'm trying to save the little cash I have, I think I'm going to cool it on the magazine front and stick to my subs: ELLE UK and Drapers. But I don't read Drapers, sometimes, mostly they stay in their packets. I do get round to them.... I'm just, preoccupied with Rory's hair..?

Overall I'm loving NYLON! Perhaps the name itself a little too much and in true fan girl style, I've been shamelessly carrying it with me EVERYWHERE! At the bus stops, whilst waiting for final piece Photography prints, at break time, night time, CSI time... I just like to hold it and show it to everyone, the normal folk who read Heat and OK. I laughed out loud today at the cover of Heat today, I don't knock gossip magazines, they're vital mags we all need to feel better about ourselves and I'll admit I was an avid New reader many eons ago.

Inside this issue of NYLON there was only one image of of Rory on his own but it's okay it's okay. It's the Hollywood issue I'm half way through reading, it's 34 pages long and having actually counted I now don't feel to bad about not reading it all yet and now understand I'm no where near half way through... They feature Dakota Blue Richards, Frankie from British skins, Rami Malek the very fit Egyptian lad in Night of the Museum (both films) and the already young comdey genius who never fails to amaze me let alone have me in stitches Will Poulter of School of Comedy.

I really like how the spreads are colourful, I adore the font, theres not so much text and when there is it's always about something or someone you need to know about and I love the fact that in their interviews they receive interesting answers such as 'I like weirdos' - 'Jessica Brown-Findlay or 'I just put together a lamp' - Rami Malek.

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