Happy belated Birthday Morrissey!


22nd May marks the birth date of Manchesters one and only Charming man, Morrissey. A musical wizard, a proud vegetarian and fashion hero - both boys and girls are inspired. Whether it's the jean roll up, the iconic quiff or thick rimmed glasses, hes there, what a ledge.

My friend EMMA allowed me to style her a a boy, hair an all, for my androgynous theme for the final A level Graphics project. She's been referred to as Frankie, from Skins, fair to much for her liking ever since.

 My room is in the process of being made in to a grown up room starting with the bed, posh bedding and smooth furniture. This is my Smiths t if you haven't already noticed! As you can tell there is more work to be done such as cool wallpaper and grown up brown paints and alas no more spray painting or printing on my walls, it's for the best.

All credit goes to Opening Ceremony for their amazing love for the man, these amazing photos from Maryam L'Ange, Patrick O'Dell and Su Barber and Paul Sevigny, Ben Cho and Brian DeGraw amazing idea of holding, a now annual, Morrissey party, 'Night of a 1000 Morrisseys'.


My idol Chloë Sevigny is a key player in this event and I imagine has been to every one since 2003. It's amazing to see that Morrissey and the The Smiths have had such huge impact overseas, they're lyrics just never tire and no matter how whiney some people may spit, they're beautiful and I happen to find their songs upbeat that speak to the soul you can't help but not dance too. I always request on the kareoke This Charming Man, it just has to be done.

 My Smiths t I bought from Afflecks Palace in town, Manchester. I've worn it to college so many times I've really tried to not get lino printing ink or acrylic on Morrisseys' fod! I really love how you can see the Salford Lads Club in the background.

As I was in my room I thought I'd photograph some of the magazines I've got around my room. Some are very recent, June 2011s, where the Vogue is from 2008.The Dazed is exactly a year old. The May NYLON was with me at the time by the computer that's why it's not here!

The only designer piece I own! A real 80's vintage Givenchy jacket including shoulder pads. It's sooo big but I had to have it so I could wear it with a Morrissey style jean around Camden town!

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