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If you have seen SCRE4M then you will recognise EMMA and RORY. I for one watched Scream 4 last night and I can say there is something definitely different about these two individuals. They have character and charisma, well Rory has. I thought Emma overacted a little but it kind of fitted her role, erratic, however I did find myself repeating 'you cannot act, you cannot act' in certain parts of the film.

My obsession with NYLON magazine is growing by the day. So you can imagine I was very happy when I discovered that they was on the cover! You can definitely tell Rory is related, via looks, to the Home Alone kid, Macaulay Culkin, his brother. Though Rory has hes own charisma and I'm definitely attracted to film nerds after watching him in Scream hahaha

There was a comment on the NYLON website about magazines choice of cover stars and story:
"These pictures and these kids look so beyond uninteresting and apathetic. It is disgusting that your magazine would promote such "coolness" as the image of our idealized modern youth. Show me someone with creativity and intellectual prowess for once, I dare you. "

I'm not being funny but 'uninteresting' and a lack of 'prowness'?

I believe, NYLON has been very strategic with this cover story and forked out REAL creative, talented individuals with a healthy attainable style and body shape. Instead of placing a generic movie star they've picked up on their charisma you see whilst they're acting. This story only reflects that but with a deeper insight as to what EMMA and RORY are like as REAL people.

I don't understand why cool has anything to do with it. NYLON is clearly promoting them as CREATIVE individuals. The idealised youth is far beyond hoodies and messy hair, they're normal inspiring people. NYLON is obviously the wrong magazine for them, it's about reading in between the lines and feeling apart of something whilst being true to yourself. It promotes talent, confidence and style without labels - which is probably what they call 'uninteresting'.

I think they're closed minded. 

They're very photogenic but not in the typical format. They're the believable Urban Outfitter kids (models) how I long to be UO kid (person who shops there, lives the photoshopped lifestyle, not a model) but it's so unattainable and untrue. Not everyone can afford ££££ skirts nor can we all skip meals so we look like their models in adorable dresses and chunky heels with cotton socks!

Rory and Emma have depth and texture. They're not only inspiring people that are proud of who they are they have talent but remains as individuals. No one in the world looks exactly like them, think Matt Smith no one looks like him either, and its about time because Zac Efron (previously on NYLON) is pretty but I'm so attracted to RORY right now it's unbelievable.

I think finally the world is embracing individual quirkiness. Be yourselves!

I for one am feeling more confident and that's just over the past couple of days.
 I'm no longer afraid of what people think of how high I backcomb my hair or what jacket I put on or if my nails are chipped. It's who I am and what I want to portray, I'm embracing myself by expressing my personality. I'm not being ruled by what anyone else thinks and it feels like a huge weight has been lifted of my shoulders.

Thank you NYLON!

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