Just as I gave up

looking for body glitter where I had searched Boots, Bodycare, Bodyshop, Morrisons, ASDA, Tesco, you name it, I went there. Nothing.

I was after some really junior body gel glitter, the type that took about half an hour to set and was always freezing. Instead I substituted with shimmer sprays, loose glitter tubs and glitter hairspray. Please don't be alarmed, it was for Glastonbury. Post Glasto, I've been using Lush's shimmy shimmy bar, which they really need to do a perfume in because it smells like fairies.

Mr Lagerfeld must of got my letter, not really calm down, of how the lack of body glitter in the world has made me sad he soon hopped to and the genius has created not one but two pots of Chanel body glitter! They both smell different but thats not the point, theres glitter involved! I can't wait to go look at but not touch at them in Selfridges.

If I had no concept of reality I'd say add this to your festival must haves because they're to die for but I won't so buy one and play dress up.

because if you do and I'm there then well... festivals do say don't bring valuables.. I am the glitter monster.

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