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Hello blogger, it's been awhile huh. 

So it was my birthday and the only real highlight besides owning ID was Matthew Lewis wishing me happy birthday -via twitter but so what. That is the modern form of communication now a days, get with it. No one calls anymore...

So yes maybe I'm starting to live under the impression running into Matt may happen ONE DAY and because of this one magical moment, via twitter, which he replied under 10 minutes WHILST being in Australia, just makes me believe in fate a bit more. We're both Cancerians too, I don't know if I can deal with another messy Cancerian relationship because they are exactly that messy and emotional. Almost impossible to shake away from, but lets step back a little shall we? Lets see the transformations every gossip channel and magazine is ushering about. 

Ah Neville, who knew what would become of you in both Harry Potter and puberty? Cute as sin. I always liked Neville in the Potter films especially when he threatens to fight Harry, such a cutie! To be really honest though, I fancied him when he looked like this. I'm in to the hair you see. The 70s sort of bowl cut hair do, flared pants and a Yorkshire accent...

Past two seasons us ladies got lucky with such a great era for fashion, the 70s, however a little more of the above for the males would be much appreciated. What isn't there to like? Doesn't the high waisted  flared, long hairedness ooze enough Night Fever for you?

More this:
Less this:
However, what we do have, is this:

A 6 foot tall, dapper bloke from Leeds; pocket watch included. Matts hair sweeped over matching the technical tailoring of his suits really gives him a new edge, something out of the '30s. When he, Tom, Dan and Rupert are all together, it's like hes been transported from the past. His immense stature, jawline and smirk play their part however this smart, put together look is something I'm very fond of. I think menswear has lost a lot of it's details. Made into more simple outfits e.g the suit.. typically pant, jacket and shirt. The depth put together down to the pocket scarf to the teeny tie stud makes this style absolutely timeless. Making Matt traditionally gorgeous = global appeal.


Zac Efron, in Calvin Klein Collection. Robert Pattinson, in Gucci.

 At the Golden Globes these two were my favourite suits on the carpet. Thats why I've sourced back to them because I just love this Bowie style that I think would really do justice to Matts height and new found stubble.

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