Happy Birthday Mr Warhol

Happy Birthday to the king of Bohemia, Andy Warhol. 

File:Warhol-Campbell Soup-1-screenprint-1968.jpg

All artists create work in order for it to be sold so they can continue painting and secondly, eat. With so much pressure thrusted upon art students even at GCSE level, to create something new and originial, many a time most sit there drawn blank in front of a canvas, covered in graffite or worse, heaving at the smell of turps. 

Warhol creates his art for 'something to do' which - believe it or not - is how all art is created by artits as its their something. The expectation of something 'new' is just an infection which is spread through the majority who demand new, fast material on a regular basis. If you enjoy what you do, if it gives you something to do and if it ultimitley motivates you, I don't see why we have to feel pressured all the time to create some new master piece every time we want to 'do' something. 

Like blogging for example.

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