Leeds Fest '11!

If I was to write an account, as so, about my time at Leeds Festival for the second consecutive time it would go a little something like this.

Morning starts with Apple, Raspberry and Cherry Sourz shots and ends with me chundering behind my tent whilst the neighbouring campers cheer me along. By the time I've been patted down for hidden alcohol, I've passed through the turnstiles into the main arena it all goes a little fuzzy after the revealing of the hidden beverages from my jumper, a skill I'm proud of. But its not all about voming and drinking, oh no. Once you've written in liquid eyeliner on crisp packets or spare arms 'the who to go to band and stage' list, in order, the world/field is your oyster. 

From moshing pitting to the Offspring to eyeing up the bassist in Tribes, its always about the music. This years highlights for me, apart from seeing my all time favourite band in the whole wide world, the Offspring, who in fact once finished their set put down their instruments no bye no nothing, perhaps the most amazing ending I've ever witnessed, Madness, Pulp and what I can recollect of the Strokes we're all bands I'm so appreciative to of seen. Jarvis spoke to you as if you'd known each other for years and Madness, the only time its acceptable to dance with arms cocked either side, pint in hand. If you saw Seasick Steve, the streaker, was in fact a band member, from Madness. Only at Leeds. As I said before, the Strokes I'm sure they were pretty good. Seeing 2manydjs because of mistaking the tent for Pete Doherty was a very good find, I'd go see them again.

Leeds never failed to disappoint even if my tweet to Matt Lewis never got a reply though I'm almost certain hes to blame for opening my tent, whilst we were all sleeping, on the last night. Shy boy :-)

Bombay Bicycle Club, Friendly Fires, Seasick Steve, Tribes, Madness, Muse, The Offspring, 2manydjs, The Horrors, Beady Eye, The Pete Box, Two Door Cinema Club, Panic! At the Disco, Warpaint, Chapel Club, Ed Sheeran, White Lies, Miles Kane, Frankie and the Heartstrings, Thirty Seconds to Mars, Deftones,  Pulp, Strokes, Simian Mobile Disco, The Naked and Famous, Little Comets, Johnny Flynn. 

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