Rocky Horror

It's that time of year again, well maybe 2 months in advance, where I'm dusting off my Rocky Horror Picture Show DVD and fluffing my (faux) black coat. It's Winter and you know it. I've spent all day wrapped up in my blankets, layered in what can only be described as a checked leopard summertime lounge in school girl socks tucked in round the ankles 'youth' style.

Autumn/Winter 2011 Collage of images I'm constantly inspired by:

Allison Reynolds, Breakfast Club, Draco Malfoy and his awesome tailoring, Lady Gaga, Chanel AW09 Ad Campaign, Liza Minnelli, Madonna, Claire and John Bender - I like to think they got married, Rory Culkin, Tim Curry as Frank'n'Furter, Noel Fielding as Vlad the Impaler, Vince Noir and Howard Moon - The Mighty Boosh, Zombie Boy for Mugler, Dave Grohl in Nirvana, Debbie Harry for Splash magazine, Giles from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Madonna, Courtney Love.
 Speaking of youth, quick note to the greedy looters who tried to drag the Mancunian name through the dirt. Nice try, rebels without a cause. Everybody out last night was just a dirty thief and they know it. Anyway, Frank'n'Furter is calling...

Image 4 of ASOS Jumper With Lace CollarImage 1 of ASOS Jumper With Lace Collar

ASOS Jumper with Collar - How cute! I love it in black, theres a green one also. I think styled right the black, Wednesday Adams look wouldn't be so harsh. It would be a great update of the school uniform trend replacing the Varsity jackets of this Summer (I didn't even wear mine much *sadface*.) Jumpers are an instant way to look beatnik. Jumper? Check. Nerdy glasses? Check. Satchel, books and note pad for Political sonnets? Check, check and check.

PULP's Jarvis Cocker
These Aldgate Chelsea boots and Underground Winkle Pickers, both from Topshop, are two styles I'm drawn to this season. The Chelsea boots are very Magenta and I really want those Winkle Pickers, the buckles are so Noel Fielding/Captain Hook two hero's of mine!

What do we think of the turban? I'm quite fond of them, never bought one - yet. They add a different dimension to head gear, its the alternative headscarf! If the broach falls off this Topshop turban you could always attach more black feathers, wear it plain without embellishments or stick something retro on there like a broken pendent you've been holding onto. Check me going all DIY.

I think the stirrup has never been more acceptable to wear than now. They add a detail to leggings which say 'this is the look' rather than 'yes I did get dressed in the dark this morning'. Haven't you just seen these maxi sheer skirts everywhere!

Layering very shiny costume jewellery always brightens up grey mornings. Go for bold, detailed pieces like rings or earrings. Ask yourself, would would Frank'n'Furter do?

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  1. Amazing post. I love the Mugler ad too. So fantastic, Rick Genest is just the best