Waiting for Camden

This week has been a mix of excitement, nervousness and boredom. I can't wait to start university and move to Tufnell Park, the only painful thing about that is the not seeing my family everyday and thats all it is, painful. I'll be fine I know I will, I have Skype, my mum emails me about 10 times a day anyway and I'm really looking forward to sharing the photographs. 

Because I've been organising/sleeping/not sleeping till 4am/watching Ab Fab I've just been a window shopper looking in on fellow movers to London/university lives while I'm at home doing nothing, not even watching CSI, wanting to be at uni, in London but at the same time wanting to stay at home in Manchester knowing if I did or I did go to university and come home, I'd regret it for the rest of my life and no art foundation can solve that.

Growing up sucks lemons.

Erin and I, Clo and I, Abbys recent Skype snapshot of me after 2 shots of ice cold jeager.


  1. I love you very much Sam and you're going to be fabulous xxx

  2. I'm so excited to have found your blog! Love it! It's so pretty and chic and I enjoyed all the posts!
    Follow each other? :))


  3. I read this comment over and over Clo thank you!