The day I always knew would come.

The day I met Noel Fielding was a warm day in London. Apart from heading to all 2 other hmv stores on Oxford St, trying to break into Selfridges and then finally stalking a blonde bobbing head boy in hope he to was on his way to obtain the awaiting wristbands and actually headed to the correct hmv store.

The Scribblings Of A Madcap Shambleton is a lovely new book of Noels art he and Dave Brown created together. It's a beautiful book. Featuring dashing images Tania Wade, Hooligan Art Dealer, owner of Maison Bertaux the oldest patisserie in London, a must go for tea and cakes. Mmm.

Although meeting my dream man and Davey boy I was pretty disappointed with the treatment I endured just to see these pretty faces. You could say all was forgiven with Noels sparkly green jumper (I need that jumper) but the brandishing bouncers, lack of organisation (of hmv) and communication (also hmv) was one that made me dislike hmv and their money grabbing ways a little bit more. As if they're not making enough money compared to places like Vinyl Exchange, where buying music was an adventure, not strategically subversive cons.

Psychedelic Dreams of the Jelly Fox was Noels sole art exhibit at Maison Bertaux which is featured in the book. You can read about my travels to the exhibit in a past post: here.

Whatever. Bouncers aside it was really nice to meet these two finally. I always said I would meet Noel. Would of loved a chat and a photo and a peck on the cheek (to far?) but what can you do.

In honour of hmv: NO PHOTOS

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