Do you want to look at my room?

Here it is, term 2, girlie as ever. 
I've started my Visual Journal so thankfully my klepto ways of keeping textures and papers and pretty things have a pride and place in my journal. 

P.s I read a lot.


Postcards and moisturisers.

When my friend Gennie came to stay she illustrated a 'how to survive in London' guide for me, I love it!

Belgium biscuit tin, signed Madcap book, Starbucks red-cup, Moleskins, OWT zine.

From Fashion Week SS12

Cambridge Satchel Company satchel, Ponystep magazine.


I think I went a little cray cray here, my bathroom!

I love nice smelling things, my bathroom take 2, it was 1am when I took these, please care a little?

Me, bedhead, dressing gown.

My printer, Rob Ryan purse, Lazy Oaf sticker.

Vintage bag from back home, Pure London ticket, notebooks, Vincent Van Gogh folder.

Fantastic Man is my magazine I have to style my trend essay on, I like it, I'd never read it before.

Books I'm reading for Cultural Studies, Visual Journal, bracelet was a gift from my friend Becky.
I can't stop listening to Lizzie Pattinson at the moment, its like Jazz, but good... you know.

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