Pancake breakfasts

Staying up late on tumblr while simultaneously watching Twilight congers up daydreams of the perfect partner and lifestyle. 

Which is why I'd like to take this opportunity to post with you some of my favourite images I've pulled from various sources, tumblr, (if you want it removed blah blah blah) that I've saved for one reason or another.

Sometimes it's because I feel they show a trend or show a certain emotion or sometimes just because they're pretty. 

In my perfect tumblr inspired world I would...

Live like Patsy and Eddy in Ab Fab:

Have this sort of thing going on and with a cute pet dog:

Sleep here in a fantasy loft fairy lit cave:

Study here and everything would be handwritten and robins would deliver my letters:

I would go for walks, picnics, take photographs and collect flowers to press in antique books because you know, coursework doesn't exist:

I just really like these photos:


And lastly, Robert Pattinson would be my boyfriend and we'd hang out on Portobello because you know, where else would we be:

Upon reflection, this reminds me a lot like my world already... I'm waiting for you Robby/boy who is creative, intelligent yet charmingly scruffy, good hair and who is polite. Are you out there??

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