That time again

You'll be pleased to know that I'm getting some new reading glasses. At least you should be as my highest and most frequently read post on this blog of mine is this one with 2,134 pageviews! Following that post was a massive post on my very important and super interesting decision making at the holy grail, Specsavers.

In case you're wondering I chose a pair from the Gok Wan range as they were the most modern designs there. They look like this and I still love them to this day:

GOK WAN 12 glasses

So yes lets go on another adventure in search for perfect eye wear, from Specsavers! Meanwhile...

It was so misty this morning I had to take a photo of it on my Canon although it looks a lot like something instagram churns out. How I love the bottom left graffiti.

A little update on project boy zine. Theres a second issue launching whenever it's finished, which will be whenever. It's bohemian, deal with it. No it's going to be great, I hope you all enjoy viewing it. Speaking of boys vibe, feel free to submit image or text (pretty much anything you feel) you can email me on

Back to the vision...

Not going to lie, I think I'm sticking with Gok. I'm feeling cat-eye.

GOK WAN 11 glasses
One thing I love about my current glasses is the colour, the only thing new about this design is the eye shape,  cat-eye, meowww.

S RED OR DEAD 79 glasses
I'm stuck for choice! These are by Red or Dead.

If this is the vibe they give off then I'm sold.

I've made the decision and cat-eye is my next venture. Here are some of the other lenses I really liked also by Gok Wan:

GOK WAN 55 glasses
These have a slightly wider lens, still cat like but not enough for me.

GOK WAN 54 glasses
Unfortunately hipsters all over the world have ruined this style of lens for me.

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