April Showers

Hello! Here are my new reading glasses: 

The sales guy pulled all the cat-eye frames they had in store for me to look at, which wasn't many, these were new in and the only pair in store. Lets put it this way, this particular frame wasn't exactly going to become the next go-to style for the people of Hyde.

I really love wearing  them and I think they're a really good balance of print and silhouette. I even got mentioned in a Specsavers product meeting, as 'fashion student seeks interesting frames' which was cool.

Term 3 is going really well. The assignment this term is all group work based to create a program, magazine and website on a tribe in an interesting area of London. The group I'm in are all really creative and mature, plus we're really organised which helps a lot. 

I was chosen as editor of the magazine, which is brill as my mind kinda works in pages. I'm really eager to get it all completed the best it can be, to what our audience wants and what we as a group. Plus I get to really experiment with the graphics as when I created Boy magazine in sixth form, thats what I found really tricky. Although that was made entirely on Photoshop and now I get to do it all on InDesign! Yes, Adobe nerd! 

Lots of photoshoots coming up again, can't wait! Quirky folk who like to be photographed, London or Manchester bound, get in touch: Sammeh--@hotmail.com

Going to try and squeeze in lots of exhibitions this term, theres so many I want to go and visit. For now, Big Bang Theory is calling.

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