Term 3 project: Plum magazine!

Here is the end product of a very long and very fun project of term 3 at London College of Fashion, first year BA Fashion Journalism.

I was in a group of 7 whom of which we all put our hearts into this project so I hope you enjoy it.

Alice our model, who is fabby, click to view here facebook page!

Plum's audience is aged 15-21, female and interested in fashion, culture and music. Our first issue is to be themed the Britanese issue. Britanese is what we have named our tribe, inspired by the tag Wapanese (person of non-Japanese decent who is obsessed with Japanese culture). 

Our tribe is a group of girls within our target audience who hang around at Chinatown Market on Newport Court Road, London at the weekends. The issue is centred around Purikura sticker booth machine which are the main attraction at the Chinatown Market.

Purikura booths at Chinatown Market, London!

Group shot with Diana, Alice, Barney Frost (our photographer), myself, Daisy, Tonje and Qin!

Within our content we shall be profiling the girls in our tribe, popular fashion designers among them, interviewing Japanese pop-star Beckii Cruel who is very popular in Japan and visits Chinatown Market often, a feature on Purikura, the best food, shopping and music, Chinatown's history and an insightful comparison between British Chinatown to real China. Not to mention fun how-to beauty guides and fashion trends so our readers can adopt the Britanese aesthetic. 

With on location shoots featuring the girls and an editorial of the strongest looks of our trend, Plum magazine is fruitful with visual images ranging from film photography to hand rendered illustrations.

Overall we have 68 pages (no ads!) of enriching content for all you need to know on the Britanese!

A special thank you to these lovely girlies who gave up their own time to let us profile, interview, photograph and film them! You're amazing!

And another special thank you to Beckii Cruel who let me interview her for the first issue of Plum magazine!


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  2. this looks really amazing, i've only had time to have a quick flick through but i love all the visuals, i'll definitely be coming back to it to have a good read later! i really like the target audience you've gone for, definitely makes for an interesting and unique publication :)